Our Licensed Technicians will complete a full inspection of the exterior and interior to determine the entry points in which the raccoon has broken in from.



The technicians will then proceed to determine the best method to remove the raccoons. This may include installation of a one way door, trapping, snaring or trenching.



We will also help you identify if there are any other potential areas where the raccoons could break in to once more in the future. We offer a guarantee against re-entry.



Once a raccoon has made a home in your home they will try their best to return. This is why we offer  4 Years Warranty

on all work to protect against future infestation.



Termax's Raccoon One-Way Doors are used to evict wildlife from attics. This is the most humane, effective and economical method to ensure we remove all raccoons from your home safely. 


  • Raccoons are common wildlife in Toronto. They are mainly a nocturnal animal, foraging at night, tipping over garbage cans, and eating leftover pet food. They are even known to enter through pet doors. They are also known to cause major damage to lawns and gardens, turning over sod and digging holes in the soil foraging for grubs and worms. And let's not forget the damage they can cause to our roofs and attics!
  • Activity – Raccoons have a social life outside of their wanton ways with which we are most familiar. As we mentioned they are nocturnal, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be observed out and about in the daytime, it’s just less likely. They are most active during the spring, summer, and fall. In temperate climates, raccoons will be hibernating for much of the time. Here in Toronto, Brampton, Markham and the rest of GTA, we see raccoons all year round. As long as the there are opportunities to eat and the weather doesn’t get too severely cold, raccoons will thrive! And while this is good news for them (it’s an arduous task to store up sufficient fat to last throughout the winter), it means there is no off-season when it comes to raccoon prevention and raccoon exclusion.
  • Reproduction – Reproductive practices begin toward the end of winter and beginning of spring. Sows, or female raccoons, have somewhere between one to six baby kits between March and May. These kits will stay with their mother for about a year, but until then they are mostly inseparable, as mothers are quite protective of their young. Speaking of which, we don’t recommend you attempt any kind of rodent removal services on your own, should you be faced with a mother and her kits. Leave the Toronto raccoon control to us here at Termax Wildlife Removal Services. We will safely and effectively remove them from your yard, attic, or your business premises. Plus, we’ll make sure they don’t come back with our humane raccoon exclusion methods.
  • Dialogue – Somewhat amazingly, raccoons have their own rudimentary form of communication. What some might call a language is them using some 200 sounds and up to 15 different calls, each with their own unique meaning.
  • Abilities – Their claws are remarkable tools. They can open latches, bottles, jars, and many other items that might surprise you. These claws afford them the ability to climb as well, which makes them all the more difficult to detect and trap.
  • Social Behavior – Their social communities are interesting as well. After they actualize to become fully independent, usually around the one-year mark, adults will form pseudo-family groups usually around four to five in number. These groups are loosely knit, as they might go days or weeks without interacting. Somewhat solitary, somewhat social, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to these masked creatures.

Raccoon Removal: What You Need to Know

In the wild, raccoons reside in heavily wooded areas that have access to water and vegetation. These days, however, this highly adaptable rodent has made its home in urban areas, feeding off of residential and commercial garbage. Raccoons can destroy your garbage, create a mess on your property, ruin your garden, and damage your home. They can also pose a significant health risk to you and your loved ones. If raccoons have been causing a nuisance in and around your home, here is what you need to know about raccoon removal services.


Raccoon Infestation Health Risks

 There are many health risks associated with raccoon infestations. The main health risks are parasitic diseases such as Salmonella, Rabies, Glardiasi and Roundworms. If you have physically encountered a raccoon in any way, contact a physician immediately to prevent any serious health risks from developing.

Raccoon Prevention: What You Can Do

 The most common hiding spots for raccoons are the attic, underneath the house or shed, in the garage, or wherever you store your garbage or compost. If you suspect that raccoons are nesting in any of these areas, you need to have your home professionally inspected.


To prevent raccoons from nesting in these areas, it’s important to leave them as clean and open as possible. Raccoons can use the junk in your attic or garage as nesting materials, and excessive clutter can make it more difficult to spot raccoon nests. Use latched garbage bins to deter raccoons from going through your garbage. Raccoons are light-sensitive so motion-sensor lights are a great for scaring them away from your front and back yards.


When to Choose Raccoon Removal

 If you have a recurring raccoon problem or if a raccoon has nested and reproduced on your property, contact us at Termax for professional raccoon removal services in the Greater Toronto Area. Raccoons can cause long-lasting and potentially fatal health risks, so never attempt to remove an infestation on your own. Our experienced and professional pest control technicians use specialized tools to draw the raccoons out of your home, and then seal the entry points of your home with galvanized steel to prevent them from reentering.


We also provide clean-up and sanitation services to help you recover from any mess left behind by the raccoons. Get rid of pesky raccoons once and for all, with dependable and efficient raccoon removal services from Termax. Contact us today for more information about our wide range of pest management and removal services.


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