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  • To remove raccoons we use a method called exclusion work.
  • Our exclusion process includes a complete and thorough inspection of your property to determine how the raccoon has entered your home, as well as look for other areas the raccoon could potentially gain re-entry to your home.
  • Then proceeds the installation of a one-way door which allows the raccoon to exit the premises, but not re-enter. A panel on the door will allow the raccoon to exit, and then the panel will spring shut leaving the raccoon unable to open the door again. The door is a temporary measure, and will be taken off by the technician in a week and sealed up to avoid future re-entry.
  • Our technicians also look for additional points of entry and screen them up as well with a strong galvanized mesh steel, which prevents the raccoon from finding new access point. It is very important to seal roof vents and additional entry points to also prevent any critters breaking in and damaging your property in the future.
  • If a raccoon has left a mess behind, we can send one of our wildlife technicians onsite to do a free estimate and see how we can clean up the mess, and get rid of any strong odors or harmful pathogens they may have left behind.



Raccoons are intelligent, curious and problematic mammals that quickly adapt to the urban environment. Their most distinct features are their trademark black mask around their eyes and dexterous paws which make them talented climbers. Raccoons are highly known for their intelligence, having the ability to remember solutions to tasks for up to three years. Raccoons weigh from about 10 to 30 lbs, and have a body length of about 40 to 70 cm.

A raccoon’s natural habitats are mixed forests in North America, but are now found breaking into attics of people’s homes. They are known to be very destructive to household properties.

  • Termax has over 25 years of on the field experience in dealing with raccoon removal from your residence or commercial property.
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Customer Views

My tenant had a cockroach problem in the basement, so I called Termax. They came at the scheduled time and took their time to spray all the cabinets and baseboards. Ever since that treatment there has no longer been any cockroaches.

I called Termax for my raccoon problem back in June. The technician took his time to explain us the situation. He installed a one-way door and the next day my problem was solved. He even found 5 baby raccoons in my attic that I was unaware of! They also sealed up all my vents to prevent any other raccoons or squirrels from breaking in again.

I heard noises in the middle of the night so I went to take a look. When I went to my kitchen I saw a mouse running by! I'm terrified of mice so my friend told me to try calling Termax even though it was really late. This was around 1am but they still sent a technician out right away when I called. He came within the hour. Not only did he catch the mouse for me but also laid some bait stations around my house. I was really happy with their service, haven't seen a single mouse since then

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