Bird Control

Most people don’t associate birds as pests, but they are very infectious when they are living around your facility. Many don’t even know the number of bacteria and diseases that birds carry around, because they travel immense distances. Besides diseases, they also spread bedbugs and other tiny pests to residential and commercial areas. Birds are known to carry over 60 poisonous diseases, some of these include.

  • Histoplasmosis “Darling’s Disease” – a potentially fatal nervous and respiratory disease, caused by fungus growing in dried bird droppings.
  • Encephalitis – an inflammation in the brain that can cause headaches and seizures, spread by mosquitos which feed on sparrows, pigeons and starlings.
  • Salmonella – bacterial disease usually caused by food poisoning, but can be found in the intestines of birds
  • Meningitis – infection of the brain and spinal cord, found in bird droppings
  • Candidiasis – yeast infection that affects the skin around the mouth, and respiratory system which is spread by pigeons.

European Starling

The European Starling is among North America’s common song birds. They are small black birds with a glossy plumage, pink legs, and a yellow bill in the summer but in the winter they are covered in white spots and their yellow bill turns black. Starlings average from about 19 – 23 cm long, and a weight of 58 – 101 grams. These birds typically live around people, in cities, and agricultural fields, making their nests in trees and buildings. The main diet for Starling’s consist of insects such as flies, snails, spiders, grasshoppers, etc. and small fruits. Typical problems caused by Starlings are from their sprayed feces which can lead to damages on buildings from the uric acid in their feces, which corrodes metal. Another thing is when these Starlings create nests in drains or machines, problems occur from the blockages.

House (English) Sparrow

Family: Passeridae
Order: Passeriformes

The House Sparrow is among North America’s common problem birds. These intelligent, quick, small, noisy birds have been able to adapt to urban areas very quickly, having learnt to eat scrap food which people throw away. They are a brownish and gray colour with black stripes around the eyes, and tiny feet which makes it easy for them to perch on branches and crack nuts. Sparrows average from about 11 – 16 cm and a weight of 13 – 42 grams. Depending on where sparrows build their nests it can cause flooding from blocked drainage pipes, and fires from nests in machinery housings.

Pigeon (Rock Dove)

Family: Columbidae
Order: Columbiformes

Pigeons, also known as the rock dove is among North America’s common urban pest birds. They are generally a blue and grayish colour, and often have black and white markings on their wings and neck. Their short legs and hind toes allow them to easily perch on pipes and ledges, and to walk on flat surfaces. Pigeon control is extremely important due to disease and damage problems that they cause. Like other birds, the uric acid in their feces is highly corrosive and damages metals, buildings, and roofs. Their nesting material can cause flooding from blocked drainage pipes, and fires from nests in machinery housings.

Termax has over 25 years of on the field experience in dealing with pest bird control services from your residence or commercial property.

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My tenant had a cockroach problem in the basement, so I called Termax. They came at the scheduled time and took their time to spray all the cabinets and baseboards. Ever since that treatment there has no longer been any cockroaches.

I called Termax for my raccoon problem back in June. The technician took his time to explain us the situation. He installed a one-way door and the next day my problem was solved. He even found 5 baby raccoons in my attic that I was unaware of! They also sealed up all my vents to prevent any other raccoons or squirrels from breaking in again.

I heard noises in the middle of the night so I went to take a look. When I went to my kitchen I saw a mouse running by! I'm terrified of mice so my friend told me to try calling Termax even though it was really late. This was around 1am but they still sent a technician out right away when I called. He came within the hour. Not only did he catch the mouse for me but also laid some bait stations around my house. I was really happy with their service, haven't seen a single mouse since then

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