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Every individual faces the time when their home is attacked by pests, you require exterminating services. You never know what kind of pests you are dealing with. So it is recommended to hire fully equipped and well trained exterminators to deal with the situation, when you see pests in your house.

There are a number of chemicals which are mixed together in specific quantities and are sprayed with special technique for maximum effectiveness. Only a professional knows the right way to use the chemicals. They can be really harmful if they are not used correctly. Another thing to be noted is that not all the insects are harmful some of them are friendly too.

At Termax, we have fully equipped vehicles and well trained staff. Our staff has expertise in dealing all kind of pests and animals. We provide free consultation to our customers and guide them the ways with which they can protect their house from vermin in future. There are particularly stern rules concerning the use of chemicals and the measures followed by the company. All the chemicals are approved by the government agencies to ensure the safety of people and environment.

We use the chemicals which are really effective against the pests but do not harm humans, friendly insect or pets. Being best exterminators Termax is ready to help you as soon as you call. Quick response and access to latest technology of the industry is what makes us better and different form our competitors.

We are  proudly providing our service to the following areas for best exterminators in Mississauga, Pickering, Georgetown Ajax, Markham, Burlington, Aurora, Oakville, Toronto, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Vaughan and all GTA area.

Call us now for best treatment for your household or business against pests.

Customer Views

My tenant had a cockroach problem in the basement, so I called Termax. They came at the scheduled time and took their time to spray all the cabinets and baseboards. Ever since that treatment there has no longer been any cockroaches.

I called Termax for my raccoon problem back in June. The technician took his time to explain us the situation. He installed a one-way door and the next day my problem was solved. He even found 5 baby raccoons in my attic that I was unaware of! They also sealed up all my vents to prevent any other raccoons or squirrels from breaking in again.

I heard noises in the middle of the night so I went to take a look. When I went to my kitchen I saw a mouse running by! I'm terrified of mice so my friend told me to try calling Termax even though it was really late. This was around 1am but they still sent a technician out right away when I called. He came within the hour. Not only did he catch the mouse for me but also laid some bait stations around my house. I was really happy with their service, haven't seen a single mouse since then

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